Resene Automotive receives many requests for donations, support and sponsorship from a wide variety of charities, organisations and individuals.


If the correct channel is followed, each request is carefully assessed to determine if it meets RALI's sponsorship, marketing and community objectives. In addition, budgetary constraints limit the number of opportunities that we can undertake. All sponsorship applications are evaluated according to the criteria set out below, which you should respond to in your proposal. It takes three to four weeks to assess applications and a response will be sent to you once your proposal has been evaluated.

We have four areas of sponsorship opportunities:

  • Industry - Sponsorship opportunities that support the industry we trade in. Our annual support of the Collision Repair Association Conference and more recently WorldSkills New Zealand reflects this.
  • National - these are sponsorship opportunities that affect the company as a whole such as Emirates New Zealand.
  • Regional /Local - Branches have the opportunity to support regional activities and specific customers.
  • Community - As a responsible Kiwi-owned company, RALI support charities and organisations that service our communities such as our long time support of the Westpac Helicopter.

Funding is allocated from a central budget and decisions are made by the Marketing Team in our Head Office.

Our key sponsorships currently include:

  • Collision Repair Association
  • Emirates Team New Zealand
  • Westpac Helicopter
  • WorldSkills New Zealand

When considering applications for sponsorship, we assess whether they will meet objectives for RALI:

  • To gain maximum brand awareness cost effectively
  • To reach our target markets
  • To generate leads
  • To provide the opportunity for RALI staff to build relationships with existing & potential clients
  • To be front of mind as New Zealand's leading refinish supplier & raise our profile
  • To have a presence in the key industries that we deal with

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