Standox Standoblue

Resene Automotive & Light Industrial offer a wide range of Standbox Standoblue products.

The new Standoblue basecoat blends seamlessly with the existing Standox refinishing system. An industry ideal in quality and performance, the system is designed to minimize steps and distractions. Allowing expert technicians to stay focused on producing perfect results. Standoblue also marks Standox´ commitment to furthering development in VOC compliant refinishing systems.

Its innovative properties combine numerous benefits which are important in day-to-day work, such as;

  • Providing a broad application window- due to choosing appropriate viscosity adjusters for different climatic conditions.
  • Excellent sand ability facilitates the easy elimination of potential flaws.
  • Easy formula search thanks to the Genius and comprehensive colour documentation.
  • Finest metallic pigments with excellent colour accuracy, free from clouding.
  • Interior refinishing and three-coat build-up possible with Hardener.

Accurate colour matching is greatly helped by the colour expert tools available from Standox- the advanced Spectrophotometer and proven colour swatches.


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