Resene Automotive & Light Industrial offer a range of NZ Made water based, low VOC coatings, which have been specifically designed for the container refurbishment market. They are also ideally suited to a wide range of steel products including machinery, doors, structural steel, fabricated steel and components, and the like.

The Resene ContainerShield system is as follows:

Armourcote WB910 Primer:

Armourcote WB910 is a single pack waterbourne zinc phosphate anti corrosive primer, which has been formulated specifically for the steel repair and fabrication industry. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray, has minimal smell, and has extremely fast dry and over coating times.
Can be left without a topcoat in exterior situations for up to 3 months, and over coated with minimal preparation.

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ContainerShield Interior Coating:

ContainerShield Interior has been created specifically for the interior of shipping containers, but is also suitable for top coating most interior steel components. The product is formulated to a light grey colour which is the standard for container interiors, but has been designed to ensure one coat coverage, with excellent coverage and hiding characteristics. This ensures that a standard 20FT shipping container interior can be coated quickly and efficiently. Very low VOC and Assure Quality pending for food safety, including very low odour and fast cure means shipping containers can be closed up sooner.

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ContainerShield Exterior Coating:

ContainerShield Exterior is a high build, fast dry, hard and durable coating. It is easy to apply and covers extremely well, with a semi gloss finish. Teamed with the Resene Total Colour system for maximum colour choice and peace of mind in colour consistency and longevity, this coating is designed to keep performing for years.

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