Colour Matching & Blending

colour matchingAs a refinisher, quick and accurate colour matching and blending are crucial to your success. RALI know that the key to a pristine paint job is accuracy and coat combination knowledge.

We can help you create unique colours to your specifications, identify colours for retouching or repainting and we have a range of colour tools to help determine colour and mixing formula.

NZV8 published a three piece blog about proper paint preparation while refinishing a Cadillac's, and how our products were used in the process. You can find them here; Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

Colour Services

  • Colour Formula Retrieval - if you want to know the blend used to create a colour, we have the technology to retrieve this information for you
  • Colour Support and Information - if you have any questions about paint, matching colours or blending, feel free to bring them to us. No question is too easy or too hard!
  • Colour Matching Tools - we can match the colours of almost anything with help from our experts
  • Contact a Colour Expert

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