Used by ETNZ and  many other syndicates in America’s Cup Bermuda 2017.

A hugely popular and well known coating amongst yacht racers, it can be found on many race boats, including America’s Cup and Volvo yachts. Independent testing has shown that Durepox reduces drag compared to other finishes.

Durepox is used on the underwater hull, top sides, decks and rigging as it delivers outstanding adhesion, water resistance, weight savings and full colour options in one product system.


Product Uses

Durepox can be applied over correctly prepared:

  • Steel, Galvanised Iron and Aluminium
  • Wood and MDF Board Composites
  • GRP (fibreglass) and Carbon Fibre
  • Ideal isolator and sealer over aged enamels and difficult  substrates
  • Aged and fully cured Automotive Finishes including Acrylic Lacquers and Clear Over-base Systems