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Our product line for commercial refinishers comes under the Fleetcare™ Banner, which includes products from the Imron Fleet Line range. We also have a range of locally manufactured products for light industrial end uses, which come under our commercial range of products.

The commercial retailers for RALI's Fleetcare range are all members of our Fleetcare Approved Applicator Network. This group represents RALI's approved network of commercial refinishers. All members receive full training and support from RALI, along with access to our technical knowledge. This ensures that all members are fully up to date with the latest advancements in technology. In addition, all members are audited on their processes on an annual basis and they all receive a Commercial Refinish Paint warranty. Through our Fleetcare™ network, we ensure a unified standard of work among all our accredited commercial paint refinishers.

In addition to our Fleetcare Network, RALI has been supporting a number of other businesses around New Zealand, such as Toll NZ, NZ Post and Mooi Hair, to name a few.

Toll initially approached RALI to supply automotive paint for their rebranding process. RALI's national coverage, along with the long-term relationship that Toll has with the Resene Group were big influencers in this exclusive agreement, which was signed in December 2010. Toll Director Gregory Miller, felt the day was a great success and congratulated the RALI team saying that it was a pleasure to work with a group of motivated, enthusiastic and well-organised people.

Meanwhile, you must've seen those NZ Post boxes in your nearest neighbourhood. Dotted around the streets, these boxes are a combination of old refurbished and new style post boxes designed and decorated by Vision and liberally coated in paint systems care of RALI. The old dilapidated boxes are refurbished using a durable system of 81A/B etch, Durepox and Acrythane, topped off in Anti-Graffiti for an ultimate protection against the elements and keen letter senders. This allows these boxes to last for a very long time and, of course, to maintain their impressive looks over time.

You may wonder if RALI can do such amazing things with post boxes, what Durepox & Acrythane can do for my business? When Debbie decided to open Mooi Hair in Waiuku, she and her partner Clint knew that they wanted to create sleek beautiful surfaces on all the purpose-built fittings in their salon. As Clint had previously worked with RALI, he knew we were the right people to ask. Clint and Debbie wanted a hard, durable finish that was easy to keep clean but looked amazing. An obvious choice was Durepox top-coated with Acrythane - and the Acrythane was easily colour matched to the Resene Sea Fog on the walls.

Durepox 2K Primer is a remarkably flexible, unique and highly pigmented, easily sandable product, suitable for almost any surface. It's the obvious undercoat choice for Acrythane. Acrythane is a premium 2-pack Acrylic-Urethane with a durable high gloss chemical resistant top coat - perfect for all the beautiful hard working surfaces in a busy salon.

As a result, their salon looks stunning with all the finish and coating from RALI. We hope Debbie and Clint love the new look of their salon as much as we do!


To learn more about our commercial paints products, please see the Case Studies below


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