Troy & RALI aim for the Podium


The Cody's D1NZ National Drifting Championship series 2013/14 sees a partnership between RALI/Juice Polishes and Pro-Am driver Troy Jenkins (Auckland Sales Rep) for RALI. Watch out for Troy and his stylish "Burst Orange" Nissan Sylvia S15 emblazoned with RALI Logo's competing in the final 2 rounds of the summer series. Ruapuna Park Christchurch Easter Weekend  and then on to Mt Smart Stadium Auckland for the Grand final in May.

Troy currently placed 3rd will be drifting to regain his lead on the points table.

Drifting is an "extreme" sport and is the fastest growing form of motorsport in the world. A majorly exciting spectator sport. Drifting competitions are judged based on line, angle, speed and show factor. Line involves taking the correct line which is usually announced beforehand by judges, the show factor is based on multiple things such as the amount of smoke, how close the car is to the wall or designated clipping points, and the crowd's reaction. Angle is the angle of the car and more importantly the turned wheels in a drift, speed is the speed entering a turn, and the speed exiting the turn - faster the better!

There are typically two sessions, a qualifying/practice session, a final session. In the qualifying sessions, drifters get individual passes in front of judges to try to make the final 16.

The finals are tandem passes. Drivers are paired off according to their qualifying position and each heat comprises two passes, with each driver taking a turn to lead. The best of the 8 heat goes to the next 4, to the next 2, to the final.

If you love the thrill of Motorsport, be sure to come along and support Troy in his 2014 competitions at a track near you!

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