The New Standard in Bodyshop Performance

Resene Automotive & Light Industrial (RALI) introduces DuPont Refinish waterborne Cromax® Pro Basecoat to start the next generation of market-leading refinishing systems. With developments at every level, Cromax® Pro Basecoat doesn't just improve refinishing quality; it significantly enhances your operations as well. When product benefits bring increased productivity, exceptional results occur every day.

Use the best, expect the best

Superior in every respect, Cromax® Pro Basecoat delivers better quality for a better result and does it more quickly and economically for better productivity.

High productivity

Cromax® Pro Basecoat delivers excellent coverage in 1.5 coats, wet-on-wet application with no intermediate flashoff. Even in exceptional cases where an additional coat is necessary, no flash-off is required. The result is significantly lower consumption and less process time spent on each job. Fast drying saves time too and allows a faster turnaround.

Accurate colour match

Our fast and reliable ChromaVision™ spectrophotometer supported by our other colour retrieval tools ensures the exact colour every time.


Its simple mixing and low viscosity make Cromax® Pro Basecoat an easy and time-saving paint to prepare, filter and apply. Low viscosity means finer atomisation for a superior overspray melt-in, whilst providing excellent mottling control and blending. Also versatile in its range of applications, perfect for everything from spot repairs to complete re-sprays, and can be mixed with a 2K activator making it suitable for under hood, multi-toning and tri-coat applications. It's a comprehensive system consisting of mixing tints, binders, controllers and a limited number of other components.

Leading edge global technology

The key to the exceptional performance of Cromax® Pro Basecoat lies in a new dispersion technology allowing better coverage. Controllers provide an optimal composition for using Cromax® Pro Basecoat in solid or effect colours. This also allows it to be used in a wide range of ambient temperature and humidity levels, meaning productivity and quality can be maintained in virtually any climate. The product outperforms other brands in quality and in economy of application time and product consumption.

Easy to apply, easy to learn

Cromax® Pro Basecoat is easy to use, especially if you're already familiar with waterborne applications. RALI is ready to train your paint shop technicians quickly and efficiently on all aspects of using this new and dynamic technology, at our Auckland training centre or on-site at your bodyshop with our fully equipped Cromax® Pro Mobile Demonstration van. After training, count on us for continuous support and assistance with 9 full time dedicated Technical specialists throughout NZ. RALI is committed to help you reach new levels of quality, productivity and success, by offering you more than just paint.

Proven solutions, proven benefits

Extensive tests confirm that Cromax® Pro Basecoat has proven to set new standards in refinishing technology:

-          1.5 coat application without flash-off saves time

-          excellent coverage resulting in lower consumption

-          fast, easy and secure application

-          quality tints and tools for a perfect colour match

-          versatile system for all types of repair

-          controller components for larger application window

-          excellent mottling control for superior finish

-          improved blending for invisible repairs

-          full VOC compliancy meets current environmental regulations

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