First off - both of the Team Jenkins Silvia’s were put on show at New Zealand’s Largest Automotive Show - The 4 & Rotary Nationals Show & Shine in which is an annual event at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds. They had an awesome stand with a couple of the Street Car’s on show, with both Ben and Troy on the stand with the 2 Brian Roberts Towing Silvia’s for the day , there were masses of people coming through the halls to check out the cars and chat with them both.


Madmike's SummerBash 2017:


Next up! Hampton Downs Raceway in Meremere -  for an Invitational Event by Redbull and Madmike Whiddett - Madmike’s Summer Bash. This was one MASSIVE Event as you could imagine with both Redbull and Mazda spending a huge amount on Marketing around the country to ensure the crowds travelled to witness an Action Packed One Day Event. The team including Matty Hill from Australia , made the short trip south to setup the Pit Bays and ensure the car’s were ready to hit the tarmac on the Saturday morning. With a large amount of rain falling throughout the setup day - there was doubt into whether the event would go ahead.


Saturday morning came about and the Team all woke up early to ensure everything was in order due to the tight schedule that was given. As Hampton Downs Raceway came into view - It was apparent that the weather was going to be favourable. With this in mind - extra tyres and fuel were loaded into the Support Vehicles. The cars were started and warmed up  - and from there onwards it was estimated that they were only switched off for 10 or so minutes throughout the whole day! Using multiples tyres and litres of fuel - a huge show was put on for those Fans who had come to witness another huge event at Hamptons.

With Matty Hill Drift from Australia working closely along side the team this year - the team now consisted of three cars to enter into the Team Champs Competition. This Competition was judged on how close the team were with each other and how fluid the movements were through the section. It was an awesome experience! Team Jenkins walked away with 3rd for the Day out of 7 or so Teams.

Around Midday the Pits were open to the public and the fans were allowed to walk in and see their favourite car and drivers. Hundreds of posters were handed to fans young and old! Along with many signings and pictures throughout the day.

Overall the Madmike Summer Bash was an awesome event - no break downs meant a large amount of seat time which helped enormously for the next weekend’s Championship Round at Tauranga’s Baypark Stadium.



D1NZ Round 3 - ASB Baypark Stadium - Tauranga:


1 week later the team were into the Championship Round of D1NZ. On the road again and travelling 3 hours south from our workshop in Auckland - arriving in Tauranga on the Thursday to do it all over again. Unloading the cars at ASB Baypark Stadium along with the setting up the Pits, it wasn’t long until the full setup from the weekend prior recreated once again. With Matty Hill operating under our team - a huge amount of gear is needed for each event - 3 Competition Cars, 72 tyres , a tyre machine , a compressor , a gazebo to fit all 300L of Gull E85 Fuel and an array of spares and banners. Setup and Pack down was easily completed with such an organised team.


Friday - Saw the team hit the custom Concrete Track within Baypark Stadium for the first time. Being fresh concrete, the amount of grip was abysmal for the first half of the day. After lunch the track started to show signs of increased grip which gave Troy, Ben and Matty the confidence to throw their cars closer to the Speedway Walls and nail down lines for the qualifying session later that afternoon. With the rubber now down on the track , tyre pressures were slightly raised in all 3 cars to ensure the right amount of grip on the entry to the section. Qualifying showed to be hard for everyone with a lot of the same scores being logged. Both Ben and Troy put down some tidy runs and ended up midpack for the battles the next day.


Saturday - Tauranga really turned up. Temperatures soaring in the mid 20’s by 8am - it was going to be perfect conditions for the Main Competition Day. Practicing throughout the morning, battles soon came up. Ben’s first Pro Sport battle was up against a fellow Silvia driver - Jared Anderson, which ended up being scored a re-run due to how close it was In the re-run it was again a very close chase by Ben. But unfortunately in his lead - he ran out of lock on the last corner , causing him to spin in front of Jared allowing Jared to win by default.


Later, Troy’s first Pro battle was up against Brad Smith in his black 350Z. After a very close chase by Troy , the crew told Troy he had the advantage but needed to put down a massive lead run to ensure Brad could not win from this. Troy went in guns blazing, Brad struggled to keep up with Troy -  spun on the last corner - win for Troy and into the top 16..

Top 16 parade! The end of this kickstarted the recommencement of the Battles. This time Troy against Tom Marshall for the spot in the Top 8. With an awesome chase run , Troy was given the advantage over Tom. Unknowingly, Troy gave it his all in the lead and left Tom in a trail behind of smoke. Until the last tight hairpin, Troy losing his advantage - spinning in front of Tom. A huge disappointment for Troy after what was some epic runs throughout the day. It was clear that the last hairpin caused havoc throughout the day.


The Summerbash was valuable for the team with some valuable knowledge on tyres and Setup. Along with a Top 15 Finish for Troy and some good points on the table for Ben. This event really turned it on for both drivers and fans.


In other news, the Team have partnered with Videographer called "Odd", who captured footage throughout the 2 days of Round 3 and have created a ReCap Video for fans and Sponsors to view.






NEXT EVENT - 25/26th March - D1NZ Round 4 - Hampton Downs Raceway - Auckland