Raptor at RALI

At the recent transport and heavy equipment show, THE EXPO 2017 in Mystery Creek, RALI recently showcased a ‘Raptor Suzuki’ to a very enthusiastic audience.

The RALI team with support from our Raptor supplier and Lee Erwin, Raptor’s new Australia/ New Zealand Sales Manager overhauled a beat up Suzuki in Raptor. Raptor was applied with an underseal spray gun to the underside, the chassis and all panels inside and out. A roller was used to apply Raptor onto the bonnet which gave a coarse finish. Raptor works well with a brush too. The bright Raptor green was a stand-out and attracted considerable attention.

Raptor is a very tough flexible two-pack heavy duty polyurethane coating that’s super easy to clean. This water resistant rust protectant coating also has great UV resistance. Choose your colour because as well. Also great for those hard wearing areas like steps and truck decks, add the grit for slip resistance. Pat from Boss Panelbeaters in Auckland agrees “It’s easy to apply, tough and hard wearing which results in great customer satisfaction.” Roger at Wally Sutherland Ltd in Tauranga loves it too saying “Best product I’ve used and it’s also well priced.”

Watch out for the Raptor Suzuki at upcoming events around NZ too.

Ask your local RALI rep about its multitude of uses. 0800 108 008