RALI recently occupied a stand at THE EXPO 2017. This all-encompassing transport and heavy equipment showcase is held every 4 years at Mystery Creek near Hamilton. Our focus was to promote the FLEETCARE Network who are approved applicators for RALI commercial and light industrial product lines around New Zealand. The business owners that were able to take time away from their shop to be on the stand were happy with the number of people coming onto the stand interested in knowing more.

A shiny red Hamilton Asphalt truck attracted quite a number of enthusiasts wanting to photograph it. This truck has been coated in Imron® EZ Clear. EZ Clear has been relaunched into NZ thanks to the massive support and loyalty to this product. Originally from the USA, Imron® EZ Clear is still the same 2K polyurethane Clearcoat designed for overall refinishing with excellent cleaning properties to resist dirt, tar and tree sap. The high gloss finish is also durable with chemical and solvent resistance. Technically EZ Clear has excellent sag resistance and good flow out.

EZ Clear can be used over an array of industrial and heavy transport applications. It provides a permanent, durable protective shield against dirt chemicals and UV with an easily cleanable surface.

Pete Maxwell from ATS in Auckland loves EZ Clear and has used it for over 15 years. He has truck owners that keep coming back for just this coating because their “weekly truck clean is so easy!”

RALI also had a 20ft container coated in RALI’s new WB ContainerCoat on the stand. RALI WB ContainerCoat offers a speedy turnaround of only hours — not days. This water-based coating designed especially for interior and exterior container refurbishment is an anti-corrosive hi-build system with fast drying properties, using either conventional spray, pump, roller or brush, while the 1-coat visit offers increased productivity. RALI WB ContainerCoat is easy to touch-up with good sand-ability. Your container interior is painted quicker than ever—its dry in minutes and with no smell!

Another huge drawcard on the RALI stand was the Raptor Suzuki. With the support of our Raptor supplier and the team at RALI, a beat up Suzuki was overhauled in Raptor. Lee Erwin, Raptor’s new Australia/ New Zealand Sales Manager was on the stand to talk all things Raptor.

Raptor is a tough and tint-able protective coating that’s super easy to clean. Choose your colour for easy tinting and get a coating that’s water resistant, a rust protector with UV resistance. Also great for those hard wearing areas like steps, add the grit for slip resistance.