In the last year RALI made the commitment to contribute a percentage of all sales from its range of automotive tapes to KidsCan. We were very pleased to have Pomona support our move and at the bi-annual RALI Conference, a cheque of $4000 was handed over at the RALI National Conference.

In January 2017 the RALI management team were invited to the KidsCan premises on the North Shore to see how everything works. Julie Chapman, CEO and Co-founder of KidsCan explained that she started KidsCan from her garage in 2005. She was galvanised to do something on hearing that NZ children were going without basics. Her evaluation of 80 low decile schools confirmed how widespread the problem was.

Thousands of children are going to school cold, wet and hungry. This impacts the learning ability of the children, health and self-esteem, creating a cycle of hardship.

KidsCan partners with low decile schools all over New Zealand with the mission to provide food, clothing and basic healthcare in schools to enable disadvantaged children to be more engaged in their education and reach their full potential, but they can only do this with our help.

Julie walked us through the warehousing facility and explained that most of the distribution work is done by volunteers.

By choosing to purchase KidsCan Automotive Tape from Resene Automotive & Light Industrial, you can help a child. You can also make a One off donation; Fundraise or become a Partner.