Mooi Hair


Hair, beautiful hair

What Durepox and Acrythane can do for a Hair Salon …

When Debbie decided to open Mooi Hair in Waiuku, she and her partner Clint knew that they wanted to create sleek beautiful surfaces on all the purpose-built fittings in the salon.

As Clint had previously worked with RALI he knew just the people to ask for help.

Clint and Debbie wanted a hard, durable finish that was easy to keep clean but looked amazing. An obvious choice was Durepox top-coated with Acrythane - and the Acrythane was easily colour matched to the Resene Sea Fog on the walls.

Durepox 2K Primer is a remarkably flexible, unique and highly pigmented, easily sand-able product suitable for almost any surface. It's the obvious undercoat choice for Acrythane.

Acrythane is a premium 2-pack Acrylic-Urethane with a durable high gloss chemical resistant top coat - perfect for all the beautiful hard working surfaces in a busy salon.

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