Mercury Bay ZK-ERV Takes to the Sky



A great example of the effective use of aviation paint!


The Maiden Flight

This is the moment that the entire team has been waiting for. It has taken the Mercury Bay Student Aviation Trust 16 months of hard work and dedication to get to this point. Spirits were high and smiles were on everybody’s faces as Alan Courbray jumped into the seat and fired the RV-12 into life. After all the required inspections were undertaken, ZK-ERV headed towards the runway to begin its maiden flight. A number of people lined the runway to watch Alan take this plane into the sky.

Thank You from The Mercury Bay Student Aviation Trust
A project of this undertaking is not possible without the help of many skilled and dedicated people. It also cannot succeed without the generosity of individuals and companies that see this project as a valuable learning environment for the students. And last but not least: we deeply appreciate the trust and confidence we felt from the owners of ZK-ERV Wendy and AJ!

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