Mercury Bay RV-12 Kitset Aircraft

Mercury Bay Area School students have been given a great opportunity to build a Kitset RV-12 Aircraft. The opportunity has been provided by Jim and Sheila Evans who have sponsored/paid for the aircraft kitset. Jim had the idea because he wanted to prepare young students for life after their completion of school and to show the students what job opportunities exist in the Aviation industry. Jim is a retired licensed Aircraft Engineer with 56 years of industry experience, he sponsored the aircraft build to put something back into aviation, and try to encourage a younger generation into the industry.

The aircraft build was done for Mercury Bay Area School students in their last two years of secondary education. The project started out with 9 students in February 2012 and in 2013 the project was down to 7 students as two have left the school to further their education at University. Jim has been overseeing the project along with a team of knowledgeable mentors and two teachers from Mercury Bay Area School: Karlos Bosson and Chris Cawley. The mentors bring with them knowledge and skills around aircraft building some of whom have built kitset aircrafts previously.

Looking for sponsorship to help allay the costs, Jim Evans approached Resene Automotive & Light Industrial (RALI) for advice and support for the coating products. Recognizing the positive results this project would have on the students at Mercury Bay Area School, and the aviation industry RALI were only too happy to come on board. Following a visit to the project base in Whitianga, the DuPont General Aviation Coating System was chosen as the ideal coating system for the RV12 Aircraft.  It wasn't just the coating system that was required, expert advice was sought and offered on the preparation and application of the DuPont Coating System and after negotiating a few speed bumps along the way, Jim Evans and Tony Turner applied the coating themselves. The resulting media coverage on the aircraft clearly shows that they did a fine job!

Resene Automotive and Light Industrial are proud to be associated with this fantastic project, and would like to congratulate Jim Evans and his team of volunteers and students on a project that has been a success in more ways than was thought.

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