Joshua gets Cromax Pro working optimally in his workshop

In the process of training for the WorldSkills International Competition in Germany, Joshua has been gaining valuable experience learning about paint in all its forms and from various brands available in Australasia, and how they are best applied.

Following on from the very successful 3-day training camp at the DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) Training Centre in Sydney, where Joshua worked alongside the Australian WorldSkills competitor, learning from Stu Aisbett, the DPC Waterborne Technical Specialist and past WorldSkills competitor himself. Joshua was sent some Cromax Pro to use in his workplace, Phill Clark Panel Beaters in Orewa, to enable him to be as familiar with the product as possible.

Cromax Pro is a third generation waterborne product created using a unique innovative dispersion technique that gives users unparalleled productivity and profitability. The result is a basecoat that not only meets EU VOC regulations, but also looks better, covers quicker and achieves a more accurate colour match than other basecoats. Cromax Pro Basecoat has shown itself to be quick and economical to use, increasing output and efficiency.

Joshua was having some concerns around the inconsistent results he was getting in the shop and began asking questions why he couldn't replicate the results he was getting elsewhere. Roger Hiini, his Skill Expert suggested he and his employer meet with Jason from WA Stroud's. Jason had supplied Joshua with new generation Sagola spray guns, including the new Sagola GTO for his wet-on-wet application module.

To ensure that the set-up of equipment in the workshop was optimal, Jason did a set-up audit on the workshop and spray booth areas. The audit highlighted an imbalance with the air system caused by incorrect pipe layout and poor air pressure control; this was remedied simply and inexpensively. Air tools and spray guns now function independently and correctly. This also provided Joshua with another leaning opportunity - to learn how important the total body shop set up was; how the finest of settings affected the outcome and result of any job. Only a few minor adjustments were found to be necessary.

Joshua is very grateful for all the help he is receiving during this massive learning curve he is undergoing. He would like to thank everyone who has put in so many hours towards making his journey as successful as it can be. But for now, it's a matter of training, training, and training some more until he leaves for Germany.

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