Automotive Paints

How to choose the best paint for my car?

Unlike your typical average household paints, automotive paints are, in a way, very unique. Besides having to look stunning on a metal surface, automotive paints have to protect your car’s surface from harsh environmental conditions such as rain, snow, etc.

That’s why for some people, choosing the best paint for their car could be intimidating and confusing. If you’re planning to make your car look beautiful while durable at the same time, ask us for professional advice and suggestions. At RALI, we have the best experts in the business and we’re always ready to help you.

RALI is a leading supplier of automotive paint paints -  our paints are very user-friendly as well as environmentally friendly. Whatever colour you want to achieve, just say it to us and we will work together to achieve the colour that you desire.


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Automotive Paints & Products

At RALI, we care about the best automotive paints for your cars. We know how important it is to have a car that looks radiant and stunning. From our own RALI, Cromax™, CromaxPro, Imron™ Fleet Line, Standox, to Standoblue, we have a wide range of automotive paints and products that are suitable for your cars. We select only the best products for your car, so we can guarantee you that every product you buy from us is of top quality.

Our products, including our own local products such as Durepox, are exported to New Zealanders across the world, such as Australia, North America and Europe. If you want to find out more where to buy our automotive paints and products, please see the Where to Buy page. You can also view the technical and safety data sheets provided to learn more about each product.


Our Services

Along with the best products in the market, we also provide the best service for your cars. We provide solutions to help protect, beautify and improve your car’s look and performance. If you are thinking about painting your car and need help and advice, then ask our experts who are knowledgeable in all aspects of how to paint a car to ensure that you protect your car with confidence.

Here at RALI, our people are passionate about our products. From the internationally proven Cromax branded ranges to our own unique locally manufactured products, we take pride in having long-standing customers that are loyal to our automotive paints and products.

All members receive full training and support from RALI, along with access to our technical knowledge. This ensures that all members are fully up to date with the latest advancements in technology. In addition, all members are audited on their processes on an annual basis and we ensure a unified standard of work among all our accredited commercial paint refinishers.


Case Studies

To learn more about our Automotive Paints and Products, read the Case Studies below.